The objective of the School of Practical Awareness is to offer everyone an opportunity to bring along lasting changes in their everyday life. Starting from 2018, various basic and applied courses as well as personal counselling will be taking place here.

Basic courses

The Art of Conscious Change, a novel method for integral personal development created in Estonia.
I - Me, My Inner World – the Five Bodies.
II - Releasing Emotions that Disturb My Life
III - Releasing Concepts That Disturb My Life
IV - Tools of a Smart Person: Awareness, Discerning, Insight, Intuition and Inspiration
V - Success Formula of a Renewed Human Being: Information, Analysis and Action

Applied courses

Applied courses draw from the practice and professional experience of the members of MTÜ Lilleoru, an association joining the students of Ingvar Villido, that has accumulated over the years. The courses are carried out by professionals who have applied the techniques of the Art of Conscious Change for perfecting their professional skills over many years.

Topics of the courses:

  • Aware learning and cooperation
  • Aware management and communication
  • Sustainable architecture and design
  • Sustainable gardening and permaculture
  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Aware nutrition and plant therapy
  • Yoga therapy
  • Creative and nature studies